Sabin Polio Vaccine Event

A clipping from the Harrisburg Evening News, probably in 1962, shows more enthusiasm for vaccines than we have today:

Sabin Vaccine Doses - 1962
Sabin Vaccine Doses – 1962

It emerged from a fat folder of space exploration articles / maps / booklets / clippings with dates from 1959 through 1962, when I would have been around nine years old. Most likely somebody older collected everything and gave the box to me a few years later. The other side had a hagiographic article about John Glenn, explaining why this side is minus a few paragraphs.

From everything I read about Long Covid, I don’t want to give Short Covid even a little bite at my apple. In particular, fast-forwarding through a decade of neural degeneration isn’t going to put me closer to my Happy Place.

The bonus “Volunteer Fireman Convicted of Arson” article could come from any decade.

2 thoughts on “Sabin Polio Vaccine Event

  1. Without social media and casual kool-aid drinking the world might have been a better place. What the internet giveth, social media ruineth(s)

    1. Perhaps we are witnessing the death of social media, which seems like an unmitigated Good Thing™.

      Maybe things will improve before a mutation kicks the IFR into double digits …

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