Rattlecan Coasters

Rattlecan spray paint, unlike scribbled markers, produces vivid colors on white chipboard:

Coaster Assortment
Coaster Assortment

Cut the painted sheets cut face-down atop magnetic spikes on the honeycomb platform, with tabs to keep the petals in place and 0.15 mm kerf compensation. A light touch with an Xacto knife severs the tabs, after which the petals press firmly into the frames. Spread yellow PVA wood glue across the bottom disk, align the perimeters and press together, lay parchment paper between the coasters, clamp the stack between plywood sheets, and they emerge perfectly flat the next day.

They’re too labor-intensive for any economic activity, but I like ’em:

Coaster assortment
Coaster assortment

The pale gray petals in a white frame looks remarkably like the washed-out color scheme on whatever device you’re reading this, doesn’t it?

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