Layered Paper Coaster

A long-forgotten pad of Art Paper in assorted colors came to the surface:

Layered Coaster - tweaked
Layered Coaster – tweaked

An angled view shows off the layering a little better:

Layered coaster - side view
Layered coaster – side view

Done manually with LightBurn’s Offset tool: shrink the frame’s interior openings (which lie outside the frame) by 1 mm per step, then cut each shape into a different color. The black layer is a complete disk, stuck atop a plain chipboard disk for stiffening.

In the cold light of day, I think I offset the green layer by 2 mm.

It’s not a particularly useful coaster, because you want a flat surface under your drink, but it does look pretty. Nowhere close to that good, but I like it.

The next time around, I’ll automate the process by stepping the sash width by 1 mm and saving each SVG image separately.

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