No Dumbing

Spotted on a walk around the neighborhood:

Private Property - No Dumbing
Private Property – No Dumbing

If only it was a sign of the times …

5 thoughts on “No Dumbing

  1. The lettering may have been altered by some jokester after the sign was posted.

    There’s an old (and lame) joke about a high school which had the phrase BOOK YOU spray-painted on the walls in several hallways. The principal wanted to know who painted those words and what did they mean? It turned out to be the librarian who explained “I got tired trying to erase all the graffiti; it was so much easier to change FUCK to BOOK!”

    1. There were two more signs with the same message(s), so I think someone may have put those enticing white rectangles to good use. [grin]

  2. Sign in Seattle many years back on the side of a building “No Barking” -someone had changed Parking to Barking

    Another sign a few years ago – custom made “Don’t even think about parking here”

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