The Value of Closeout Pictures

With the Bafang BBS02 and all its gimcrackery on the Terry Symmetry buttoned up and ready to go, I took a few closeout pictures for future reference.

The motor has a sheaf of wires sticking out of the bottom crying out for a protective covering:

Bafang BBS02 - wire bundle cover
Bafang BBS02 – wire bundle cover

Although cameras tell only the truth they’re allowed to see and can be made to lie by omission, sometimes their latent truth was completely invisible to eyewitnesses in real time.

I only noticed the mis-routed shift cable when I looked through the last set of pictures.

It should pass through the plastic channel under the metal tab holding the cable guide to the bottom bracket shell:

Bafang BBS02 - wire bundle vs shift cable
Bafang BBS02 – wire bundle vs shift cable

Normally, aiming the cable into the channel is no big deal. In this case, I had to undo the shift cable, remove the left crank, loosen the motor and rotate it out of the way, nudge the cable with a small screwdriver, then reinstall in reverse order.

Dang, that was close …

3 thoughts on “The Value of Closeout Pictures

  1. Just wondering… In my dirt bike days there used to be a kill button on the handle bars to short out the coil should the throttle stick wide open for whatever reason. Do electric bikes have the same sort of safeguard?

    1. Or an emergency battery ejection due suddenly bursting into flames? Gotta think of these things cause you just never know.

    2. The brake sensors signal the motor to cut power, so (in theory) you can shut it off in an emergency. Of course, any controller failure worth its salt would jam the motor full on and ignore all further inputs, with no way out.

      The lack of any reports of such a failure may simply mean it’s not survivable … [sigh]

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