Seedling Shelter Frame Deployment

Mary bound up a mesh cover for the shelter frame and deployed it to protect some yummy seedlings:

Seedling Mesh Shelter - installed
Seedling Mesh Shelter – installed

Those will become the next round of lunchtime sandwiches:

Turkey Sandwich with Excessive Lettuce
Turkey Sandwich with Excessive Lettuce

It’s a quarter-pounder: 4 oz of turkey, 4 oz of lettuce, and a layer of Swiss and good stinky Provolone cheese. Yum!

2 thoughts on “Seedling Shelter Frame Deployment

  1. Wait, no tomato and mayo? Definitely a summer time sandwich and a “Dagwood” at that.

    1. Tomatoes (and avocados) squirt right out the side and I’ve never been a fan of mayo, so I’m all for simplicity.

      I once tried two slices of my bread, but another quarter pound was just too much!

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