Bafang BBS02: Terry Brake Sensor

The old-school “aero” brake levers on Gee’s Terry Symmetry bike have rubberoid cushion covers, so I slid the Bafang brake sensors inside:

Terry Bafang brake sensor - front
Terry Bafang brake sensor – front

They make the grips somewhat wider, but I can’t figure out a less destructive way of installing the things.

I glued the magnet inside a holder contoured to fit the space available:

Terry - Bafang brake sensor - solid model
Terry – Bafang brake sensor – solid model

Knocking the corners off makes it much more finger-friendly.

It’s unobtrusive with the handle released:

Terry Bafang brake sensor - released
Terry Bafang brake sensor – released

When you squeeze the lever, your fingers are nowhere near the magnet:

Terry Bafang brake sensor - pulled
Terry Bafang brake sensor – pulled

The lower edge actually slides along the brake lever housing without touching, but it’s a near thing.

Those are the same magnets I used for the Bafang brake sensors on Mary’s Tour Easy, once again aligned to aim the strongest volume of the magnetic field toward the sensor. The brake sensors activate just before the pads touch the rims and release with the magnets a few millimeters away from the sensors.

A complete coat of JB Plastic Bonder urethane adhesive covers each magnet to both isolate it from the weather and conceal the fact that they’re recycled from a power toothbrush.

Now that I know they work in this position, I must ease adhesive underneath the sensors so they don’t move around under normal hand pressure.

The OpenSCAD source code snippet:

module BrakeMagnet() {

    Magnet = [10.5,3.0,5.5];
    Plate = 2*ThreadThick;
    BrakeRad = 10.0;            // brake handle curve Radius
    Holder = [2*BrakeRad,7.0,Magnet.z + Plate];

    difference() {
        intersection() {
            translate([0,BrakeRad - Holder.y,Holder.z/2])
            translate([0,0,-2*BrakeRad/sqrt(2) + Holder.z - 3.0 + BrakeRad])
        translate([0,Magnet.y/2 - Holder.y - Protrusion/2,Magnet.z/2 + Plate + Protrusion/2])
            cube(Magnet + [0,Protrusion,Protrusion],center=true);


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