Vultures Sunning

Spotted after pre-season prep at Mary’s Vassar Farms garden:

Vultures sunning
Vultures sunning

It must feel really good up there atop the old barn, even if they’re sunning themselves to kill off parasites.

Taken with the Pixel 3a zoomed all the way in at 7× from a bit over 200 feet:

Vultures sunning - photo range
Vultures sunning – photo range

Then cropped and sharpened just a smidge. Not a great picture, but good enough for practical purposes; the Good Camera + Big Glass takes better pix and is too awkward to carry in my pocket.

4 thoughts on “Vultures Sunning

  1. Always seems a little ominous … I remember looking out onto the deck to see four on top of the gazebo a few years back only 25 feet away. That’s about as close as you can get without scaring them off.

    1. A pair of Bald Eagles recently cruised over the Red Oaks Mill intersection: those are big birds. I’m glad they favor fish over roadkill!

      1. OTOH, Goldens are happy with roadkill, and about the same size as Balds. We usually get Bald Eagles around our place, but I’ve seen Goldens in the forest a few miles south and several hundred feet higher than the river. One didn’t seem happy when we drove by and interrupted its dinner.

        On the gripping hand, getting chewed out by a Bald Eagle is par for the course; it’s their tree, and we shouldn’t forget it.

        Side note: bicycling several years ago, I tried a backwoods route and was paced by several turkey vultures. Guess I wasn’t riding fast enough. [grin]

        1. Whenever we see vultures circling overhead, one of us will say “Look alive!” and we’ll stir the cranks just a little faster …

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