Makergear M2: New Filament Drive and Guide Tube Adapter

After replacing the M2’s nozzle, I also installed a spare filament drive:

Makergear M2 filament drive R3 - installed
Makergear M2 filament drive R3 – installed

That’s the V4 R3 version, although I bought it from Makergear rather than fight with all the support required to get a proper bearing opening.

The long M4 screw and spring apply a constant force to the filament against the drive gear, rather than the constant position from the default (and much shorter) stock screw. The lever arm does have some springiness, but not much travel, so IMO the spring works better with the fine teeth in the drive gear.

This drive has a 5 mm hole at the top for the stock PTFE guide tube, which I long ago replaced with ¼ inch OD HDPE tubing to reduce the friction required to get the filament off the spool and into the hot end. The rather hideous hot-melt glue blob holding a ¼ inch ID tube onto the previous drive never failed enough to bother me, but a little lathe action produced a much better adapter:

Makergear M2 filament drive R3 - guide adapter
Makergear M2 filament drive R3 – guide adapter

It’s a chunk of ⅜ inch = 9.5 mm Delrin rod with a 2.4 mm hole through that 5 mm spigot for easy extraction of a gear-mashed 1.75 mm filament. The other end has a 6.5 mm hole drilled 20 mm deep to hold the guide tube.

Looks downright dressy, it does!