Always Bring Duct Tape

My pre-trip checklist now includes “Duct Tape”, so, when the tiny screw holding my sunglasses together went spung and dropped the lens on the parking lot gravel, I was prepared:

Sunglasses - duct tape FTW
Sunglasses – duct tape FTW

I continued the mission in full-frontal Harry Potter mode.

Fortunately, it’s a captive screw and returned home with us. Back in the Basement Laboratory, with a Philips 00 screwdriver and threadlocker at hand, the repair was no big deal:

Sunglasses - loose lens screw
Sunglasses – loose lens screw

You’re looking at the screw head, believe it or not.

And, no, I’m not packing a Philips 00 screwdriver on our next trip.

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