Tiny Screwdriver!

My buddy dBm took pity on my plight:

Tiny screwdriver
Tiny screwdriver

The far end has a 2.5 mm hex driver, although I’ve never encountered a nut for an M1×0.25 screw in the wild. It doesn’t fit an 0-80 nut and gulps 00-90 nuts, so it’s definitely hard metric.

My collection of glasses required an aggregate two turns of tightening, which prompted dBm to remind me of threadlock.


Thank you, dBm!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Screwdriver!

  1. Pleased to be of service! Flattered to be mentioned in your blog!

  2. When I traveled a lot I used to carry something like yours but just a flat screwdriver for my eye glasses – just fit the screws – had gotten tired of using the end of a knife – probably have it around somewhere

      1. Just checked and it was right in the bottom of the shaving kit along with a 6 inch scale -not my old Starrett favorite (C604RE) – the scales were so important I always had at least two spares with me just in case I dropped the main one where it could not be retrieved or someone liked it better than I did

        1. This ensures your tiny screws will never come loose!

          along with a 6 inch scale

          I’m with you!

          For the longest time, a machinist’s scale lived in my belt pack, because sometimes you need a length, and, when the corners (steel FTW!) began chewing through the pack, I added heatshrink caps. Gave it up when the Pixel began living in the pack while biking: the screen makes a tempting target and, hey, the phone has an app with an on-screen scale.

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