Weatherproof Outlet Cover Re-Chaining

The yard camera now resides outdoors and plugs into one of three outlets on the patio, all of which have weatherproof covers attached by a bead chain to the trim plate:

Patio Outlet - new chain installed
Patio Outlet – new chain installed

That’s the after-repair condition, as two of the three chains were broken when we bought the house.

Stipulated: the covers needed scrubbing, but sometimes ya gotta stay focused on the Main Goal.

Two feet of 3.4 mm brass bead chain (because spares: ya gotta have stuff) arrived from eBay, I dismounted all three covers, and discovered the bell-shaped brass caps on the old chains were perfectly serviceable after six decades:

Patio Outlet - chain retainers
Patio Outlet – chain retainers

The outlets are wired to circuit breaker 28, of course.

Having enough chain to go around, each cover now sports a slightly longer leash than before:

Patio Outlet - chain assembly
Patio Outlet – chain assembly

Reinstall in reverse order, the camera rebooted as it should, and it’s all good out there:

Pressure-washing Patio Railing
Pressure-washing Patio Railing

That was easy …

2 thoughts on “Weatherproof Outlet Cover Re-Chaining

  1. Having just discovered the joys of pressure washing last week (after borrowing a neightbor’s washer), I am curious about your thoughts and advice: gas or electric?

    Also, does that patio furniture stand up to pressure washing? How about the Weber? Detergent or just straight water?

    Thanks for the mentoring. :-)

    1. For pressure washing, dinosaur squeezin’s wipe the floor with electricity!

      This one claims 6.75 hp and, while I’m sure that’s the output as the engine explodes, it’s way more than the 2 hp, tops, an electric washer can suck from an extension cord..

      It claims 2.3 g/m at 2.55 kpsi; both are “max” and surely not true at the same time. An online calculator says those work out to 3.4 “water hp” (at 100% pump efficiency) and a more reasonable 6 engine hp, assuming 75% for both pump & motor.

      Electric washers run around 1.2-ish gpm at 2.3 kpsi: half the flow at the same pressure. Seems about right, assuming similar pump efficiency and better motor efficiency.

      Straight water strips mildew right off the patio chairs & tables, cleans the crud out of the barby, and works wonders on north-facing vinyl siding. I use it as little as I can, but it’s great when I do!

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