Broken Spoke

On the drive side, of course:

Tour Easy - broken rear spoke
Tour Easy – broken rear spoke

I’d noticed some brake drag on our last few rides, but forgot to check until I saw the rim wobble while extracting images from the rear camera.

It’s a lot easier to fix in the Basement Shop than on the road. After nigh onto a decade since replacing the last broken spoke, perhaps this is a harbinger of doom to come.

Memo to Self: spoke tension is now 20-ish on the drive side, 15-ish on the left.

4 thoughts on “Broken Spoke

  1. Sir –
    Is the M20 your current preferred rear-facing camera (after the M20 vs Fly6 comparison)?

  2. 20-ish? 15-ish? What are the units? How is this measured?

    1. The Park TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter has a 0 to 50 scale corresponding to spoke deflection under a known spring load. They include a chart to convert the deflection to tension in kgf, but I use the deflection to evenly tighten all the spokes or, in this case, match a replacement spoke with its neighbors.

      One of those low duty cycle tools that’s invaluable when you (well, I) need it!

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