This just in (clicky for more dots, but not clearer dots):

Spam image - xxx
Spam image – xxx

Yes, the attachment was named xxx.jpg, presumably so I wouldn’t suspect it of containing anything untoward.

The name-dropping definitely adds verisimilitude: not just Microsoft (or Micro Soft) Windows and Google, but Yahoo, too. Be still, my heart!

It’s unclear how I would contact their “fiduciary agent in LIMA PERU” by dialing a 909 area code in California or sending an email to, um,, but, hey, why not? Perhaps another version of me in a parallel universe used the Peruvian Internet?

This must be one of those scams where, if you’re bright enough to notice the problems, they won’t need to waste any time on you.

You’re welcome to my identification numbers. When you get the check, slip me maybe 100 large, preferably under the table, and we’ll call it square.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations!!

  1. Also what’s with the 8-color Windows 2000 logo (no, it never looked that bad) and the also off-color ca. 2013-2015 Google logo?

    1. Even without commenting on the squashed aspect ratio, you’re disqualified! [grin]

    2. Its the Windows XP lottery! You won! … Although they’re a bit delayed being the European division and all.

      1. Correction, it’s Windows Me, not 2000. D’oh!

        I’m also amused by the smorgasbord of different fonts.

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