Sharing the Road on Raymond Avenue: Squeeze Play

We’re riding home with groceries along Raymond Avenue, approaching the Vassar Main Gate roundabout, and, as is my custom, I’ve been pointing to the middle of the lane for maybe five seconds as I move leftward to take the lane:

Raymond Passing - Approach - 2018-10-04
Raymond Passing – Approach – 2018-10-04

The driver of HCX-1297 is having none of it:

Raymond Passing - Near Miss - 2018-10-04
Raymond Passing – Near Miss – 2018-10-04

The mirror passed maybe a foot away from my shoulder; I’d reeled my arm in as the front fender passed by.

All three traffic circles / roundabouts on Raymond neck the lane down and angle it rightward into the circle, which is supposed to “calm” traffic:

Raymond Passing - Roundabout - 2018-10-04
Raymond Passing – Roundabout – 2018-10-04

The design doesn’t allow much flinch room for cyclists and certainly isn’t calming for us.

The NYS engineer who designed the Raymond roundabouts said the whole thing was “standards compliant”, refused to go on a check ride with me to experience what it was like, and told me to detour through the Vassar campus if I felt endangered while sharing the road.

Obviously, NYS DOT personnel do not dogfood their “share the road” bicycle standards by riding bicycles.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Road on Raymond Avenue: Squeeze Play

  1. I’ve never seen this in the US, but it’s an idea:

    Other people think carrying a rusty gardening hoe on the bike rack is much more effective ;)

    1. We met a guy with a brush knife / machete lashed to his rack, but even I agree he’s an extreme case.

      Anything sticking out to the side resembles a handle: there’s no need to provide a good grip!

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