M2 DIY Thermistor Rebuild: Autopsy

Not much to my surprise, my hack-job thermistor rebuild went bad:

M2 - thermistor - assembly 2
M2 – thermistor – assembly 2

Having nothing to lose, I heated the brass tube over a butane flame to wreck the epoxy, which blew out with a satisfactory bang and filled the Basement Laboratory with The Big Stink.

Much to my surprise, the active ingredient still worked:

M2 DIY thermistor corpse
M2 DIY thermistor corpse

The multimeter reported absolutely no intermittent dropouts for as long as I was willing to watch the trace while doing other things:

DIY Thermistor Autopsy - Resistance Trend
DIY Thermistor Autopsy – Resistance Trend

So it must be my crappy soldering technique.

A brace of real M2 thermistors will arrive shortly …