M110A2 203 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

It could be an M107 155 mm gun, but the double muzzle brake (the front vent is shadowed) identifies it as a mighty M110A2 203 mm self-propelled howitzer:

M110A2 203mm Self-Propelled Howitzer - York PA
M110A2 203mm Self-Propelled Howitzer – York PA

Back in the day, being 30 km away from a kiloton or ten of nuclear blast was deemed Far Enough, although nobody actually pulled the string to find out. Apparently, sections of surplus barrels make hella-good bunker buster bombs, at least when you’re in a hurry.

Obsolete, of course, explaining why it’s parked behind the York Agricultural and Industrial Museum, seen from the wonderful Heritage Rail Trail. We rode south from York almost to the the Maryland line, then back again; a good time was had by all.

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    1. “Fire in the hole!”

      Definitely keeps your students focused on the topic and they get to incorporate air resistance right from the start; none of this “sphere in a vacuum” nonsense. Well done!

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