J5-V2 Flashlight: Front End Rattle

After a year of fairly light use, the lens holder (and “attack ring”) of my J5-V2 flashlight worked loose and began to rattle. The ring holding the lens in place turned out to be finger-loose, but that wasn’t the entire problem, so I removed it and looked inside:

J5-V2 Flashlight - LED view
J5-V2 Flashlight – LED view

The mysterious alien egg resides on the upper-right side of the LED emitter.

The aluminum ring holding the LED assembly in place was also finger-loose, so I unwound it to take the whole front end apart:

J5-V2 Flashlight - front parts
J5-V2 Flashlight – front parts

Reassembly with a few dabs of Loctite in appropriate places should prevent future rattles.

Given the number of … issues … accompanying this thing, I’d say it’s not been a good cost performer. The Anker LC40 and LC90 flashlights work much better.