Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine: Thread Guide

It turns out the thread guide on Mary’s new Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine has what’s euphemistcally known as “negative clearance” with the ruler foot she uses for quilting patterns. With the foot raised to move the cloth, inadvertently pressing the foot pedal or turning the handwheel can crunch the thread guide against the foot.

As you might expect, the intricately bent wire thread guide doesn’t survive the encounter. Not having a spare ready to hand and not knowing quite what it should look like, I reshaped it as best I could:

Juki thread guide - in vise
Juki thread guide – in vise

It worked moderately well:

Juki thread guide - reshaped installed
Juki thread guide – reshaped installed

The automatic needle threader wasn’t reliable, but she could cope until the replacements arrived.

Comparing the new one (left) with the wrecked one (right) shows I didn’t re-bend the loop tightly enough, putting the end on the right at the wrong angle:

Juki thread guide - new vs reshaped
Juki thread guide – new vs reshaped

It’s the kind of shape you can duplicate by the thousands with a production machine, but can’t make at home without entirely too much tedious effort.

The new one works fine, seen here in front of a walking foot, with the auto-threader looming in the upper foreground:

Juki thread guide - new installed
Juki thread guide – new installed

Aaaand now we have spares!

2 thoughts on “Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine: Thread Guide

  1. Amazing talent, that girl! I’ve been playing with various (eight or nine of them) sewing machines over more years than I care to reveal and have occasionally broken different parts… but never that one.

  2. Ah Trudi, I don’t think you’ve ever used a ruler foot. Mine is 3/16″ thick, so as to prevent the ruler from sliding under the needle. A problem arises when the foot is up and then the needle is lowered, particularly under power, via the needle down button. On my vintage Kenmores the needle is lowered using the hand wheel and I notice the resistance before causing damage. Ruler quilting classes warn students about the interference and on some machines the timing can be damaged. Compared to that, a twisted thread guide is minor. If you want to see a ruler & ruler foot in use check the video on this post:

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