Lathe-Turned Drugs

For reasons not relevant here, I had to wake up a New Old Stock bottle of an eye drug dispensed as a suspension in a small bottle:

Lathe turned drugs
Lathe turned drugs

A few hours at 50 RPM and it’s all shook up.

7 thoughts on “Lathe-Turned Drugs

  1. Next time, tape the bottle to a bicycle spoke. Save electricity!

    1. Absolutely, at least when riding season opens up again. Right now, it’s cold enough to keep the bottom layer of the most recent snowfall nice & crispy on the driveway, so I’m sheltering in place with my toys.

      The weather hasn’t deterred a few other bicyclists we’ve seen; I was young once … and crazy. [sigh]

  2. Didn’t know that a thick book is needed when making homeopathic mixture…
    “Remedy preparation – Helios Homoeopathy”

    1. It only works with blank pages, though.

      Gotta love those calibrated thumps …

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