NEMA17 Motor and Bearing Mounts

As part of coaching a student (and his father!) on their incredibly ambitious build-a-plotter-from-scratch project, I suggested stealing using HP’s grit-wheel paper drive, rather than fiddling with guide rods to move either the pen carrier or the entire paper platform. Dremel sanding drums seem about the right size and they had an 8 mm shaft harvested from a defunct printer, so a pair of mounts moves the project along:

NEMA17 and Bearing Mounts - Slic3r preview
NEMA17 and Bearing Mounts – Slic3r preview

The motor mount code is a hack job from my old NEMA17 mount and the code has a lot not to like. The bearing mount puts the bearing on the proper centerline using brute force copypasta and depends on friction to hold it in place. The two models should be integrated into the same file, the shaft centerline shouldn’t involve the printed thread width, and blah blah blah:

NEMA17 motor and bearing mounts
NEMA17 motor and bearing mounts

I had him turn the shaft adapter from an aluminum rod in the mini-lathe: he’s hooked.

The OpenSCAD source code as a GitHub Gist:

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  1. Those grit wheels did work well. I was admiring them on a few antiques that I have (HP2225x series) because they are just too cute to get rid of. I happen to have parallel, serial, AND GPIB versions that are all like new. They even still sell the cartridges. I have personally never purchased an inkjet printer in all the years they have been around. Several dot matrix printers and one 5MP laser printer though. Laser printer still works quite well from 1993 and only on its 2nd or possibly 3rd toner cartridge. I just refuse to tear these guys down for parts.

    Image chosen for scale showing human hands:

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