Look Alive!

You know how, in those old cartoons, whenever the vultures started landing in nearby trees, that was an indication of trouble ahead for the hero?

Turkey Vulture in pine tree
Turkey Vulture in pine tree

The local Turkey Vulture flock has a roost a few miles away and they’re often seen circling in the thermals overhead.

A few years ago I encountered one dismantling a squirrel flapjack on the road:

Vulture dismantling squirrel
Vulture dismantling squirrel

It’s an ugly job, but somebody’s got to do it…


3 thoughts on “Look Alive!

  1. At the big IBM campus just outside of Boulder, there are a lot of deer trying to cross a fairly major road. I was riding my bike up there once and saw a deer that had been hit, off in the ditch right in front of IBM, with three buzzards working on what was left. Those are *big* birds, and they were less than impressed by me and my bike. They didn’t even move and I had to swerve out of the median into a traffic lane to avoid running into one. I wasn’t about to tangle with it, since when I was working at a raptor rehabilitation place they did a demo on how quickly a buzzard can strip a turkey leg clean to the bone with its razor-sharp beak.

    1. they were less than impressed by me and my bike

      Come back when you look like gibbage and they’ll pay you exactly the right amount of attention…

      Sometimes we’ll see half a dozen of them riding the thermals over the open land around here: they don’t move a muscle unless it’s absolutely necessary, but watching them power up is impressive.

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