The main cicada season has only begun, so these two may have emerged slightly too early:



They’re “ordinary” cicadas, not periodical cicadas, which certainly matters more to them than us.

They’re completely harmless, but definitely don’t look it:

Cicada 1 - ventral

Cicada 1 – ventral

Their topside armor would look great on a robot:

Cicada 2 - dorsal

Cicada 2 – dorsal

Found ’em dead on the driveway, alas.


  1. #1 by Keith Ward on 2017-08-06 - 09:06

    Ed, shouldn’t your dorsal/ventral labels be swapped on the views?

    I always know that the hottest part of summer has arrived when we start to hear cicadas.

    • #2 by Ed on 2017-08-06 - 12:04

      Yup, they’re upside-down: fixed!

      Thanks …