Zire 71 Protector: Some Things Last

This ABS slab emerged from the Thing-O-Matic in early 2012:

Zire 71 protector in place

Zire 71 protector in place

The Zire would power on whenever the switches clicked or that little joystick moved, which happened regularly enough to be annoying.

Mary made a small case that matched the other pouches I carry around:

Belt pack - camera case - PDA case

Belt pack – camera case – PDA case

She made the case to fit an HP48 calculator, but it was close enough for the Zire.

Time passed, the Zire died, I started carrying a Kindle Fire in another pocket, but the ABS slab provided a convenient stiffener between some Geek Scratch Paper and the various pencils / pens / markers / screwdrivers / flashlight filling the available space.

Unfortunately, minus the backup of an electronic slab, the protector finally failed along an obvious stress riser:

Zire 71 protector - cracked

Zire 71 protector – cracked

I cut a similar rectangle from a sheet of unknown flexy plastic, rounded the corners, clipped the pencils & whatnot to it, and maybe it’ll survive for a while.



  1. #1 by RCPete on 2017-05-13 - 09:02

    My HP48 sits in an early HP 45 case. I’ve had to to some repairs to the leather, but it’s in pretty good shape for being 43 years old… (Outlasted the 45. Pretty sure the capacitors died a few years ago, and it might not have been a good idea to use it on AC without NiCd batteries in place.)

  2. #2 by eriklscott on 2017-05-14 - 12:46

    You really do carry the Chandelier o’ Gear… :-)

    • #3 by Ed on 2017-05-14 - 14:50

      If I didn’t actually each & every one on a regular basis, I’d be a lot lighter on my feet!

  3. #4 by Mike on 2017-05-14 - 16:48

    I have a Zire 72 if you’d like it…

    • #5 by Ed on 2017-05-14 - 18:01

      Your generosity is greatly depreciated … [grin]

      Those things were great in their day, but that was then and this is now. For example, a Pixel’s camera is good enough to make me give up the Canon.

      • #6 by Vedran on 2017-05-15 - 10:45

        I remember relaying on physics and laughing at my cousin 10-15 years back when he pined for gadget makers to integrate his phone with a camera he could actually use – my point being that you “must have” a decent size lens to get usable pictures and those obviously don’t fit on a phone. I’m not laughing now, but it’s nice to be wrong every once in a while on stuff like this :)