Bosch Laser Rangefinder Corrosion

A few days after using my Bosch GLR225 Laser Rangefinder, it wouldn’t light up.

This came as no surprise:


Bosch GLR225 battery contact - corrosion
Bosch GLR225 battery contact – corrosion

Some vinegar, a bit of scrubbing, some rinsing, and it’s all good:

Bosch GLR225 battery contact - cleaned
Bosch GLR225 battery contact – cleaned

The OEM batteries seem to have survived nigh onto four years, so I guess I can’t complain.

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5 thoughts on “Bosch Laser Rangefinder Corrosion

  1. That’s always a scary to find, especially when it has also crept into the case and onto other more critical areas. I’ve gotten into the habit of turning my meters over in their rubberized cases to indicated the batteries have been removed or adding a post-it note to their fronts. It’s always a extra step to be able to use that instrument but at least it won’t take as long as trying to remove or neutralize corrosion that sometimes returns. It would be nice if batteries did not leak regardless of age but I think they all require a vent of some kind if nothing else safety from over pressurization?

    1. Aye! I didn’t take the thing apart to see if the liquid burrowed into the guts. Looking at it again, that terminal seems to be just a bridge to the adjacent cell, with no internal connection, so maybe everything will work out OK.

  2. Consumer Reports publishes ratings of many products including alkaline batteries. They measure the useful life of each brand of battery. I wish their testing (and reporting) included End Of Life behavior. It would be helpful to know which batteries experience a quiet and clean death versus those which exude a toxic goo.

    1. I just check their listings: when the CVS and Costco house brands comes out near the top, well above other “brand names”, at half the price, there’s no point in comparison shopping!

      There’s probably no way to determine which cells will leak, other than to wait four years while the cases corrode. By then, you’d buy the “same” cells with completely different (“improved”) properties. [sigh]

      1. I stopped using Costco (Kirkland) AA batteries in favor of Duracells because of the end-of-life behavior. Had to deal with more leakage and corroded contacts than normal, so enough with them. I’ve also gotten in the habit of swapping batteries yearly, complete with checklist. Actually have one radio that uses ‘C’ cells.

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