Chipmunk Gibbage

Mary found the north end of a southbound chipmunk just outside the garden gate, at the foot of the utility pole that often serves as a hawk perch:

Chipmunk tail tip
Chipmunk tail tip

Shortly thereafter, she found piles of gibbage atop the retaining wall by the basement door:

Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage
Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage

It looks too loose for an owl pellet, but hawks also blurp up the indigestible bits. We have definitely have a pair of Cooper’s Hawks nesting in the area again; most likely, this is what’s left of the south end of that chipmunk.

The next morning, we had a feeding frenzy out there:

Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage - feeding frenzy
Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage – feeding frenzy

I’m not sure if the snail over on the right is a participant or a bystander. It’s certainly outclassed by the slugs, which are basically soft-shell snails.

As dBm points out, nothing goes to waste in Nature:

Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage - cleanup squad
Raptor vs. Rodent gibbage – cleanup squad

After the crowd left and the remains dried out a bit, one chunk had a tuft of brown-tipped fur with gray roots that definitely looks like it came from a chipmunk.

Good work, hawks: go, go, go!

4 thoughts on “Chipmunk Gibbage

  1. We had a mild spring and a bumper crop of small furry animals. The bigger furry animals and the owls, hawks and eagles have been eating well. I’ve had some experimental nibbling at the zucchini and trapped a half dozen ground squirrels, but as of now, our biggest concern is the weather. We did get some snow last Wednesday, with a low of 22F. Frostcloth and poly sheet FTW! I might have to break out the poly again tonight, though, but frostcloth alonemight do the trick. (The cold also helps thin the small furry population…)

    1. That’s severe weather by our standards: we’ve just started eating garden lettuce and a wave of snap peas should break over us in a week or so. Good luck!

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