Chipmunk Feeding Zone

Mary puts damaged cherry tomatoes beside our resident chipmunk’s favorite hideout:

Chipmunk Feeding Zone
Chipmunk Feeding Zone

The critter eats them from the inside out, then tosses the shredded skins.

Since she started leaving her offerings, the chipmunk has been leaving the good cherry tomatoes in her garden untouched. We’re both astonished at how many tomatoes fit inside one chipmunk…

2 thoughts on “Chipmunk Feeding Zone

  1. Our chippies like seeds (and will help the squirrels dismantle pine cones), but we don’t encourage them to eat tomatoes. They’re fairly hard to grow, even in our greenhouse.

    Did have a good year though. Still harvesting Romas, while the Siletz (Oregon-developed cool weather hybrid) are gone, and the Siberias (from there, I gather) are finishing up. Early this season, I had a small lizard checking out the Siletz. He’d eat a bit of the skin and flesh from ripe tomatoes, then leave. He must have gotten bored after we started to harvest a bit under-ripe. We took measures to exclude squirrels and chipmunks a couple of years ago. One squirrel tried to eat the entire tomato crop until I got rabbit-cage screening up….

    1. I have pointed out the inevitable result of negotiating with terrorists, but to no avail.

      In point of fact, it works pretty well… with only one or two little critters.

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