Video Overlays

There’s nothing like a little unexpected video overlay action to spice up a high-production-value image:

RIT Commencement - video status display
RIT Commencement – video status display

Spotted overhead at the RIT Commencement, about which more later…

6 thoughts on “Video Overlays

  1. I have a little board that inserts text as a video overlay, but I think I’ve only ever used it to add the club call sign and GPS info to the video transmitted from a high altitude balloon.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s a status display from something deep inside the video chain, because it scrolled other stuff along with those repeated lines. Another menu (?) sometimes appeared briefly along the right side; there’s nothing like trying to fix a video problem in real time on a live feed…

      They got it running by showtime, which is pretty much all that counts!

      1. Heh, debugging generally isn’t much fun when it’s a spectator sport.

    1. Hey, they just backed off the “red X means accept” nonsense, so maybe they’re getting part of a clue …

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