Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk on pole
Coopers Hawk on pole

The hawk who’s been keeping the chipmunks and squirrels under control paused for a moment atop the utility pole out by the garden. He left instantly after I appeared around the edge of the roof, leaving me no time to fight the camera automation into a better exposure, but it’s good to know he’s on patrol.

A few months ago he had a squirrel in a Mexican standoff inside a pine tree, circling the trunk amid all the branches. Eventually the squirrel made a break for it, got about five feet out from the trunk, and wham that was the end of the story: once those claws go in, they don’t come back out.

Notice the noonday sun refracted through his cornea onto his upper cheek (or whatever it is that birds have there). This was with the 1.7X tele-extender on the Sony DSC-H5 zoomed in pretty nearly all the way; if it weren’t for all fringing and blown highlights, it’d be a neat picture.

Coopers Hawk - eye detail
Coopers Hawk - eye detail

2 thoughts on “Coopers Hawk

    1. a red shouldered hawk

      Sibley shows the Eastern Red-shouldered Hawk with a much more orange chest and distinct shoulder patterns. It’s hard to tell from this crappy picture, but this one was more brown with less patterning.

      We think the Christmas Angel hawk and (one of) the soggy hawks are the same bird.

      With all that in mind, however, this wouldn’t be the first time I was absolutely certain about something while being completely wrong! We’ll keep an eye on them and perhaps I can get some better pictures…

      Thanks for the nudge!

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