Adaptek AVA-2902E/I SCSI Card: Low Profile Bracket Hack

I picked up an Adaptek AVA-2902 SCSI card from eBay to use with an ancient Epson Perfection 636 SCSI scanner from the heap, but it came with a high-profile bracket wrapped around its DB-25 connector:

SCSI card bracket fix - before

SCSI card bracket fix – before

The old-school serial port card sitting atop it (from one of the off-lease Optiplexes in the stable) has a low-profile bracket that seemed promising, so I swapped the brackets.

Alas, the SCSI card positioned the DB-25 just a smidge higher than the serial card, putting the right-angle top of the bracket about 2 mm above the ledge, where it prevented the locking cover from engaging. I filed the bracket’s DB-25 mounting holes into ovals, using up all the slop around the connector shell, to no avail.

So I snipped off most of the bracket’s top, grabbed it in the bench vise, smashed the corner with a drift punch, and bashed the whole affair 2 mm lower. It fit reasonably well, although there’s an air gap near the bottom of the bracket where it tapers down to the guide slot. The SCSI connector barely fit, with some persuasion, under the locking cover:

SCSI card bracket fix - installed

SCSI card bracket fix – installed

Close enough for me; the scanner (looming over the SCSI connector) works fine and delivers much better image quality / color balance than the crappy HP 7400C with an auto-feeder that I’d been using.

SCSI cables look like gas pipes in this day & age of tiny USB cables and teensy HDMI connectors