Maxell LR44 Cells: Packaging Glitch

These look to be Maxell LR44 cells in OEM retail packaging, exactly as advertised, but … one cell seems odd:

Maxell LR44 cells - hologram packages
Maxell LR44 cells – hologram packages

A closer look:

Maxell LR44 cells - flipped cell
Maxell LR44 cells – flipped cell

The production values seem high enough to suggest that they’re Genuine Maxell products, hologram packaging and all, but you’d expect the Maxell end-of-line QC should pick out a flipped cell.

If one were the wondering sort, though, one might wonder why the Maxell USA website search function doesn’t return any mention of LR44 cells…

3 thoughts on “Maxell LR44 Cells: Packaging Glitch

  1. In the interests of science, can you sacrifice one of the cells and do a mA-h test?

    And if you want to go all in, maybe compare the results to the same test run on a brand-name LR44 sourced locally that is less likely to be a counterfeit than these “Maxell” batteries.

    I guessing 35% – 45% of the expected charge capacity is what you will find in the cheapo batteries. That’s based on my experience with CR2032 “Sony” branded knockoffs. YMMV, of course.

    1. It’s time for some battery measurements & rebuilds, so I’ll add those to the queue: for science!

  2. A search on Maxell LR44 shows Walmart and Sears selling such, but the packaging is in a different color scheme. Hmm. Who knows who gets what…

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