USB Micro-B Adapters

The Sony HDR-AS30V camera has a USB Micro-B jack. One might think all three of these cables / adapters should work:

USB Micro-B adapters
USB Micro-B adapters

But no:

  • The blocky Mini-to-Micro adapter on the top has no data lines
  • The Mini-to-Micro adapter cable works
  • The lower cable produces dependable disconnects

There is, of course, no way to determine any of that, except by trying each one to see what happens; the product descriptions diverge from the truth in myriad ways.

The camera came with a Micro-B cable that undoubtedly worked, but you try keeping track of one particular USB cable amid all the others.

3 thoughts on “USB Micro-B Adapters

  1. I’m baffled by some of these micro-USB cables. One of my daughters had a cell phone that has a micro-USB connector for charging (as most do these days). However, unless you used a specific cable from the power adapter to the phone, it just wouldn’t charge. It recognized a “bad” cable when it was plugged in, but that was it. This same “bad” cable worked fine on my phone for both data and charging, And it had nothing to do with the power adapter. How does a cable that simply connects four wires from one end to the other (or two for just power) work on some phones but not on others? I’ve never been so bothered as to ring one out with a meter, though.

    1. My Kindle Fire draws something like 2 A from the charger, so a crappy cable can have too much resistance, drop too much voltage, and shut the charger off. None of my PCs are new enough to have high-current USB charging ports, so the special wall wart is only way to charge the thing. Maybe the same thing happens with that phone?

      Plus, as nearly as I can tell, the maximum USB 2.0 data rate lies beyond the edge of what’s feasible for pay-no-attention-to-RF cables: a perfectly good DC connection that works for a mouse at 12 Mb/s can’t carry camera data at 480 Mb/s. USB 3.0 goes crazy-far into microwave frequencies and, given the crappy QC on cheap cables, I’d expect the situation to get much, much worse in short order.

  2. I keep the mini-to-micro cable for my Kindle in the shipping box (where the Kindle normally snoozes). When I get the Round Tuit, I’ll make a case for the Kindle, the cable and the blocky mains adapter. Too many outdoor projects to get to it soon, though.

    FWIW, the Kindle worked out well as a low-cost web surfer on the road. McD’s are useful when you really need to get road and weather information. Only ran into one without wifi (in Rawlins, WY, not a big town…). OTOH, the 511 system works well in most western states.

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