Bike Helmet Earbud Replacement

A bag arrived from halfway around the planet, bearing five sets of cheap earbuds. There was no way to tell from the eBay description, but they’re vented on the side:

Cheap earbud - side vent detail
Cheap earbud – side vent detail

And also to the rear, down inside those deep slots below the chromed plastic cover:

Cheap earbud - back openings
Cheap earbud – back openings

The raised lettering is a nice touch; the other earbud has a script L.

The PET braid over the fragile wire should withstand a bit more abuse than usual. The strain relief isn’t anything to cheer, though, consisting of that rectangular channel with the wire loose inside. I figured I’d start minimal and fix whatever crops up; I have nine more earbuds to go.

The motivation for all this was having the Gorilla Tape peel off the helmet, leaving a hardened mass of glue behind, then snagging the earbud wires. This is the new, somewhat better protected, wiring:

Bell Helmet - mic-earbud wire - hardened tape adhesive
Bell Helmet – mic-earbud wire – hardened tape adhesive

In a triumph of hope over experience, I applied more Gorilla Tape:

Bell Helmet - re-taped mic-earbud wiring
Bell Helmet – re-taped mic-earbud wiring

The helmet may need replacing after another iteration or two.

My solid modeling hand has become stronger these days, so I should gimmick up a flat-ish wart anchoring the mic boom and all the wiring to the helmet shell.

2 thoughts on “Bike Helmet Earbud Replacement

  1. Pro-tip: You can always apply more tape, as long as you don’t care about the mess underneath :)

    In this case, I’d say it’s an improvement over what looks like very sticky goo.

    1. Surprisingly, the goo fossilized into a solid, shiny layer completely impervious to my casual attempts to remove it: applying more tape made the problem Go Away.

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