Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner: Improved Suction Control

The Suction Control slider on the handle of our shiny new Kenmore Progressive vacuum cleaner varies the speed of the howling motor in the base unit, rather than venting more or less air into the pipe. We like that, but it’s all too easy to inadvertently slide the control and never notice it, sooo I marked the default condition:

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum - visible suction slider
Kenmore Progressive Vacuum – visible suction slider

Although every vacuum cleaner we’ve ever owned has touted its “quiet operation”, we always wear 30 dB ear muffs and it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between full throttle and not quite so fast…

5 thoughts on “Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner: Improved Suction Control

  1. Under what circumstances do you ever choose a setting less than maximum?

    1. It’s a rare thing for me, but it does happen, for example when I’m vacuuming curtains. My Miele has variable motor speed too, but it’s controlled by a nice clunky rotary switch on the canister itself.

    2. Sucking fuzz from electronics & miniblinds, pulling stray threads from a new quilt, stuff like that. Infrequently enough that we never pay attention to that slider, but often enough that permanently jamming it in place won’t work.

    3. My preferred mode of operation on my Bosch vacuum cleaner from ’09 is at around one third. Except for some use on rugs I don’t see why I’d want it any louder or more energy wasting.

  2. I used to slide our old Hoover Dimension 1000 down to low to avoid disturbing the cat while vacuuming near him. He eventually got so accustomed to the noise that he would enjoyed being vacuumed with the upholstery brush, allowing me to spend less time getting his long white hair off the furniture. I guess it felt like getting a good brushing out in the breeze.

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