NSA Zipper Pull Tab: Recovered!

The NSA pull tab went missing from my belt pack on the way back from a Squidwrench meeting and, despite diligent searching, remained missing for a several weeks. It reappeared from far under the Forester’s front seat, still attached to the severely eroded YKK zipper pull tab:

Eroded YKK Zipper Tab
Eroded YKK Zipper Tab

A stout jump ring from the heap should avoid that problem for the foreseeable future:

NSA Zipper Pull - restored
NSA Zipper Pull – restored

Dang, I missed that thing…

2 thoughts on “NSA Zipper Pull Tab: Recovered!

  1. At a previous job, I got a bunch of paperwork in a big scary NSA binder. I happened to have it with me when I went to do a bunch of vehicle registration chores. Normally this is a multi-hour process of waiting in various lines, but when I went to the information desk to start the first phase, the person there cast a nervous glance at the binder and said I could simply do all my transactions there. I was in and out in five minutes. When I left that job, I made sure to hang on to the magic binder.

    1. Our Larval Engineer just got talked into a brake job on the Sienna (which it probably needed, but maybe not quite so much as The Nice Man implied). If you ever want to get rid of that binder, I know somebody who could definitely put it to good use… [evil grin]

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