Belt Pack Zipper: Classy Tag

My buddy Aitch returned from a biz trip and generously solved my worn-out belt pack pull tab problem:

NSA tag and coaster
NSA tag and coaster

That tag should ensure any TSA agent will sideline me for an enhanced inspection sufficient to reset breakfast to last Tuesday. Or I get to ride in the cockpit. Maybe both.

Aitch is one of the very few people in the world who can use a business trip to the Atacama Desert as a cover story for his real activities, about which I know absolutely nothing because I’m Still Alive™. The fact that he returns with a camera full of gorgeous pix merely demonstrates the cover team’s finesse. The NSA schwag came from another trip. So he says, anyway.

Oh, that tag originally hung from the drawstring of a very nice black velveteen pouch containing an NSA-logo sippy cup along with the matching coaster. All made in China, of course: if irony were energy, we could saw off the entire Middle East and be done with it…

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