Pull Tab Cord Replacement

The braided cord on the NSA pull tab dangling from my belt pack has a monofilament core:

Worn tab cord

Worn tab cord

The Basement Laboratory Warehouse Wing doesn’t have an exact replacement, but braided nylon fishing line should come close:

Pull tab - braided nylon line

Pull tab – braided nylon line

If I keep a closer watch on the situation, maybe I can replace the cord before the tab goes missing…


  1. #1 by Aki on 2012-11-20 - 08:50

    A fisherman caught a pike, which had eaten the fisherman’s spring hook (don’t know English term), but the picture will tell. The hook was inside pike’s belly for two years.

    • #2 by Ed on 2012-11-20 - 09:42

      That is one mean-looking fish… and “hook”, too, for that matter.

      • #3 by Aki on 2012-11-20 - 10:16

        Once found a juvenile Common Goldeneye in pike’s belly.