Forester Load Capacity

You never realize how big automobile tires are, until you see them out of context:

Forester loaded with Sienna snows
Forester loaded with Sienna snows

The Sienna spends its days commuting near what used to be the engineering glory of Rt 128, and snow season is comin’ on strong. We hauled the snows out and the summer tires back on our way to a brief vacation on Cape Cod.

I have no illusions that the two ratcheting straps on each pair of tires + wheels will hold them in place during an actual crash, but at least they’re not rattling around. The tiedown points next to the hatch have a 20 kg load limit, which is pretty close to the weight of a single tire + wheel. The rear seat anchors aren’t rated as tiedown points, but, hey, if they can hold the seat up during a crash, they’re good enough for me.

We’ve always packed lightly and, these days, we bring no more than absolutely necessary. Those tires sure didn’t leave room for much else…