MakerGear M2: 24 V Fans

My M2 dates back to early 2013 and arrived with a 12 V platform power brick and a 19 V brick for everything else. I replaced the platform with a hotrod version, used a DC-DC SSR to control the high-current path, drove it from a 48 V brick dialed back to 40 V, and left the 19 V brick alone.

Recent M2s use a single 24 V brick for everything, including the motors and V4 hot end, so I decided to ditch the 19 V supply when I installed the new hot end. The stock 12 V fans depended on PWM to reduce the 19 V supply to something tolerable, but, with 24 V ball bearing fans being cheap & readily available, I replaced all three.

I bashed a pair of angled brackets from a random heatsink fin to hold the extruder & platform fans together:

M2 V4 Extruder - 24 V fans
M2 V4 Extruder – 24 V fans

All of that hangs from the single screw in the lower left corner of the upper fan, which has worked well enough and never given any trouble, despite my misgivings.

They’re much quieter than the original fans, perhaps as a result of operating at their rated voltage without PWM trickery. In theory, the fan mounted horizontally in the electronics box should survive longer with ball bearings, but the original sintered-bearing fan didn’t complain too much.