Praying Mantis

A praying mantis appeared along the top of the living room windows:

Praying mantis on window
Praying mantis on window

They’re ferocious hunters and we’re in favor of them… but having them on the outside of the window works better for all of us.

Those old Anderson windows seem to attract big critters

6 thoughts on “Praying Mantis

  1. I think most of ours are gone now here in Ohio. They are pretty neat to watch but unfortunately are easily predated by birds. I often use stainless welding wire with caught flies and then “fly” in a meal for them, works quite well and fun to see the action close up.

    1. Great idea… with a bit of luck, that’ll produce interesting pictures, too!

      1. Works nicely with jumping spiders as well, one of my other favorite arthropods.

  2. This was the year of mantids and snakes for us. I found a couple of mantids that were nearly the size of the palm of my hand. Now I’m curious what their egg sacs look like, so I can try to preserve them for next year.

      1. I can’t find pics of the big ones online. This one was about half the size of the brown one who was hanging out on the side of the house for three days, which I measured at 9.5cm long.

        IMG_0898 by John, on Flickr

        [Ed: FTFY]

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