Eroded PTT Cable

While installing new underseat packs (about which, more later) on my Tour Easy, I discovered a bight of PTT cable had been touching the top of the chain:

Eroded PTT cable - Tour Easy
Eroded PTT cable – Tour Easy

The gentle ripples to the right of the worn-through section seem particularly nice; you couldn’t do that deliberately if you had to.

This section of cable should have been taped to the upper frame bars. It’s hidden under the seat, just in front of the rear fender, and between the under-seat packs, so it’s basically invisible from any angle.

Soooo, that probably explains a bit of the intermittent trouble I’d been having with the PTT switch, although most of it came from the corroded switch contacts.

Rather than replace the whole cable, I cut out the eroded section, spliced the conductors, and taped it firmly back on the tubes.

2 thoughts on “Eroded PTT Cable

  1. You must be living right. I lost an HT a few years back on my bike for the same reason. Its amazing how many little pieces are generated upon hitting the blacktop!

    1. how many little pieces are generated upon hitting the blacktop!


      I’ve learned, very much the hard way, that if something can shake loose, it will shake loose and do so at the worst possible time. I didn’t spot any crushed phones along the Hudson River ride route, but I’m sure some escaped from their fancy handlebar holders…

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