Hudson River Eagle Sightings

A pocket camera can’t do justice to the Bald Eagles, just before dusk and halfway across the Hudson River from our river cruise yacht:

Bald Eagles at dusk - Hudson River near Hudson NY
Bald Eagles at dusk – Hudson River near Hudson NY

We got a closer look at the pair of eagles who once graced the original Grand Central Station and are now standing guard at St Basil Academy in Garrison.

This one glanced away from the entrance, perhaps to keep an eye on us:

Eagle at St Basils Academy - entrance
Eagle at St Basils Academy – entrance

Another watches over an interior road:

Eagle at St Basils Academy - cliff
Eagle at St Basils Academy – cliff

They’re two tons of cast iron apiece and, should any of you want a restoration project, I’m sure the good folks at St Basil’s could work something out.

We saw those during the Cycling the Hudson Valley tour: riding during the day, camping and touristing in the evening.

Several years ago we encountered a Penn Station eagle at the Washington Zoo:

Karen on Penn Station eagle
Karen on Penn Station eagle

Fly away, young Valkyrie, fly away …

3 thoughts on “Hudson River Eagle Sightings

  1. We live in Bald and Golden eagle territory, and it’s fun to see an eagle taking up residence in a local tree. A bit bemusing when we had tiny dogs, and an eagle perched on their kennel. No dogs inside, mercifully. The border collie and our lab-aussie cross have a mutual non-aggression pact with the eagles.

    I do have to watch out for stray feathers. AFAIK, while the Bald eagle is no longer on the endangered species list, it’s illegal for me to possess any eagle feathers. OTOH, the strays usually are pretty beat up, so I don’t feel bad about tucking one in a burn pile…

    1. I know you’ve seen it, but for those who arrived late, my California Condor story may be instructive.

      There’s a blanket prohibition on having feathers from nearly any bird, not just raptors or owls, which shows why all of us commit a few felonies every day…

      1. Yeah, between Three Felonies a Day and Ham Sandwich Nation (a motivated DA could get a ham sandwich indicted), it’s a challenge. I did hear of federal law enforcement going after one of the tribal gatherings for some technicality on feather possession–it’s legal for Native Americans to possess, but many strings get attached… Considering the fact that the last US Indian war occurred with one of the local tribes, that was one foolish courageous agent.

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