Turkey vs. Hawk: Aftermath

Based on this evidence, the hawks seem to be tackling larger prey:

Turkey feathers in the garden
Turkey feathers in the garden

Mary found turkey feathers drifting across the garden, with the largest concentration near this assortment, much along the lines of the pile left at our back door. Given the 6 ft deer fence surrounding the garden and the complete absence of yummy debris, we think this wasn’t the work of a land-based predator.

Parents, guard your children…

Along those lines, once upon a time, long ago and far away, we attended a show-n-tell featuring a (rescued) California Condor. The exhibitors ushered us into a tight group and told parents to keep their small children close beside them, because condors attack stray animals and pay particular attention to infants of herd animals. Of course, one couple didn’t get the word (or didn’t think it applied to them) and let their toddler wander off. As soon as the kid got a few feet away from the pack of people, the inert condor abruptly powered up and got weapons lock on the kid; a warning from the exhibitor sent the parents scurrying to correct collect their blunder.

Raptors are not friendly birds.

4 thoughts on “Turkey vs. Hawk: Aftermath

  1. When we moved out here, we had a couple of Italian Greyhounds (approx 12-14 pounds each). I knew they wouldn’t be allowed to wander, but the year-old eagle perched on their kennel emphasized that point. We now have a couple of 50 pound dogs, and the hawks and eagles have a truce with them, but at night, we use the kennel. Great Horned owls don’t much fear anything smaller than a human adult. We get the odd cougar, too, and that bugger weighs about 100 pounds and thinks he’s at the top of the food chain…

    1. Great Horned owls don’t much fear anything smaller than a human adult.

      I’m not sure any owls have much fear… even those little Saw-whet Owls don’t back down one little bit!

      The bobcat spotted near Vassar is welcome to as many fawns as it can take…

      1. Mmm Hmm. Deer seem cute until there is a herd of them in your neighborhood, with an aggressive buck, eating all your landscaping. I’d go for walks at night and shine a flashlight on them to scare them off. The does would run, but the buck would just stare me down.

        Someone in the neighborhood hit a doe and didn’t kill it right off, a while back. Anyway, there were several cars stopped to do I don’t know what all worried about the doe and getting it to a vet and no one seemed to notice the buck pacing around the scene about 100 feet out. I don’t know what he was thinking but it could not have been good.

        I know a case where a dad and daughter were out walking and saw a buck and not knowing better approached it. The buck gored the dad and ran off. Hit a major artery and you know the rest of that story. very sad. I have absolutely no appreciation for deer, anymore. As far as I am concerned they are just large, long-legged rats.

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