Thing-O-Matic Y-axis Idler Support Bracket: Oops

The STL file from CampbellsBot’s Y-Axis Idler Support Bracket printed without incident (admittedly, on the M2):

Thing-O-Matic Y-axis Idler Support Bracket
Thing-O-Matic Y-axis Idler Support Bracket

Come to find out that Makerbot changed the spacing between the Y-axis rod and the idler bolt, so it doesn’t fit the TOM286. I could fire up the Token Windows Box, install Sketchup, modify the model, rebuild and clean up the STL, and try again, but it’s easier to just give up. The TOM286 has worked fine so far, so maybe this isn’t really needed.

Ah, well, it’s another show-n-tell doodad…

4 thoughts on “Thing-O-Matic Y-axis Idler Support Bracket: Oops

    1. The M2 really does nice work!

      Of course, all my designs look a lot like a bracket, too, so I’m not trying anything too daring…

  1. I finally got the request for shipping information for my Deltamaker so maybe I’ll be printing soon, only 8 months after I was supposed to. It looks like I can probably supply a heater and a basalt bed for <$100 from a different source so maybe the lack of an HBP won’t be too much of a problem.

    1. Those are pretty machines. Controlling backlash in the tower drives and the joints seems to be the hard part of the design: when you get it all set up, I really want to know how well it works!

      Heating the platform to 70 °C makes PLA stick to the hairspray like glue and after it cools the object pops free by itself. I highly recommend a heater, even for PLA…

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