MHV LUG Lightning Talk: Intro to NSA Hardware Implants

Meme - Nixon - I see what you did there - 5x38k

Meme – Nixon – I see what you did there – 5x38k

I did five minutes of standup comedy at yesterday’s MHV Lug meeting, pointing out some of the more interesting ways to compromise a PC when you have an infinite budget for development and consumables.

You don’t get my patter with the PDF (unless you had access to the room’s bugging hardware), but the links may come in handy in the unlikely event you haven’t been following the story closely.

If you have a security clearance or are in line for one, you probably shouldn’t click on the link, because it contains copies of pages from the leaked NSA catalog:

I See What You Did There – NSA Hardware Guide

  1. #1 by Red County Pete on 2014-01-09 - 12:09

    One of my more eccentric cousins once called about her daughter’s concerns over brain-implanted mind-control hardware. I kept a straight face, but also made a note to avoid that part of the family reunions…

    • #2 by Ed on 2014-01-10 - 09:41

      Are brain implants now so cheap and readily available that whoever’s dispensing them can afford to operate on the folks who worry about having one? I wish mind control on nobody, but if it’s gotta happen, I have a short list already made up… [grin]

      • #3 by Jim R on 2014-01-10 - 21:24

        Just don’t lose the remote…