FC1002 Frequency Counter Faceplate Repair

The plastic faceplate over the display cracked quite a while ago:

FC1002 Frequency Counter - cracked plastic
FC1002 Frequency Counter – cracked plastic

I don’t recall dropping the poor thing. Given the interesting pattern, it could be inherent stress that finally let loose as the plastic aged.

While I have it apart to rebuild the battery pack (more on that later), I’ve been easing acetone/MEK into those cracks by capillary attraction in the hopes of dissolving just enough plastic to rejoin them, without slobbering solvent all over the faceplate and scarring it.

If all else fails, I suppose I can mill out a replacement from thin acrylic sheet, but those nicely rounded cast / molded edges lie well beyond my abilities…

6 thoughts on “FC1002 Frequency Counter Faceplate Repair

  1. Just print a new one out of clear filament! Okay, that’s not realistic, but a pleasant thought. The Peachy printer could actually come close to doing this.

    1. The “natural” PLA filament produces wonderfully glittery objects, but …

      I do have some nominally clear epoxy resin, assuming it hasn’t seized up in the cans, but mixing and pouring a bubble-free plate would pose a challenge. I suppose that’s just more reason to get that harvested dehumidifier pump set up, right?

  2. Having ordered a ‘glass clear’ SLA part from an expensive bureau, I can say that thing plates could be made optically clear, but thicker sections still look cloudy. The parts need finishing work with fine sanding and vapor-smoothing — the bureau did most of it, but missed some of the deeper pockets which were difficult to access.

    I would think one of those “windshield repair kits” would work well for this purpose — it’s effectively thick packing tape and a syringe to pull vacuum which is then filled with the glass adhesive — you would then need to finish off by scraping off the excess and then polish / heat polish…

    1. For as much mileage as the counter gets, I’m going to live with those cracks until chunks start falling off. Which might not be all that long, alas, as easing solvents into the cracks surely didn’t do the adhesive the least little bit of good.

      I like the windshield repair kit idea; next time, I should start with that!

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