Kitchen Spatula Handle Anchoring

Shortly after we bought this kitchen scraper spatula (or whatever it’s called), the handle pulled out of the blade and left it sitting in a bowl of batter. That turned out to be unsurprising, given that neither side of the interface has any mechanical locking features. I rinsed the batter off, stuck some urethane glue inside, rammed the handle in place, and hoped for the best. Lacking any mechanical interlock and not bonding to either surface, the adhesive didn’t improve the situation.

So I recently added a pair of stainless 4-40 setscrews standing just proud of the handle’s surface that should dig into the blade and hold it in place:

Spatula handle enhancement
Spatula handle enhancement

Another item for the shopping list…

One thought on “Kitchen Spatula Handle Anchoring

  1. Another item for the shopping list…

    Try that restaurant supply shop. We got one at the local one after I snapped the handle on a generic spatula. The “I” section handle gives plenty of strength, with no slipping of the blade. (No obvious projections at the blade-to-handle interface, but it holds tight.) Julie uses spatulas a lot and the I-beam spatula is the favorite. I use it in the before-and-after stages for frozen yogurt, and it’s well up to the task of getting frozen stuff off the wall of the chamber.

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