Skeinforge: Simplified Plugin Selection Page

The Skeinforge Craft window presents a formidable array of buttons, one for each possible plugin:

Skeinforge standard

Skeinforge standard

I’ve disabled many of those plugins because, for example, limiting Z-axis speed isn’t relevant on my printer. If you’re sure you won’t use some of the plugins, remove them by editing /where-it's-installed/skeinforge_application/skeinforge_plugins/profile_plugins/ thusly…

In getCraftSequence(), located at about the midpoint of that file, duplicate the line that lists the plugins and add an octothorpe (OK, a hash) to make one line a Python comment, then remove the plugins you don’t care about from the other line:

def getCraftSequence():
	'Get the extrusion craft sequence.'
#	return 'carve scale bottom preface widen inset fill multiply speed temperature raft skirt chamber tower jitter clip smooth stretch skin comb cool hop wipe oozebane splodge home lash fillet limit unpause dimension alteration export'.split()
	return 'carve scale preface inset fill multiply speed temperature raft skirt jitter clip smooth skin cool dimension alteration export'.split()

This being Python, do not change the indentation. If you get overenthusiastic and toss something useful overboard or just pine for the Good Old Days, swap the octothorpe to your modified line to restore the original plugin assortment.

Save the result and you’ll see only the useful buttons:

Skeinforge simplified

Skeinforge simplified

There, now, wasn’t that easy?


  1. #1 by Nathaniel on 2011-12-22 - 09:58

    Or you could just use Slic3r. :-)

    • #2 by Ed on 2011-12-22 - 11:52

      Tried that some months back, but it didn’t have quite enough knobbage for my setup at the time.

      The 12.15 feature list looks much better; it’s back on my to-do list…

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