Thing-O-Matic: Ouch!

This should be obvious, but don’t reach across the build platform of your Thing-O-Matic with the extruder at 215 °C: you might bump the nozzle with the back of your hand.

Scorch mark from TOM nozzle
Scorch mark from TOM nozzle

It never really hurt, but the nozzle tip made a nasty punch mark in the middle of a disk of scorched skin.

Ah, you’re not that stupid, are you…

Memo to Self: Gloves?

2 thoughts on “Thing-O-Matic: Ouch!

    1. The spot itched like crazy for two days and it’s now turning into the usual puckered scar. After shedding a bunch of flakes, of course.

      The whole thing spans maybe 10 mm and won’t require plastic surgery to restore my movie-star complexion… [grin]

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