Blender repair

Blender blade bearing repair
Blender blade bearing repair

So a while back I replaced the blade bearings in our cheap-after-rebate Farberware blender: a $20 pack of ten bearings (5 repairs!) from eBay for a $15 mixer.

[Update: They’re 6 mm ID x 13 mm OD x 5 mm thick.]

Of course, it turned into a shop project. I added spacers that held the shaft in the right position by eliminating some vertical play, dripped Loctite around the housing to fasten the outer races in place, silicone-lubed the seals, and generally did the last few dollars of engineering & manufacturing they couldn’t afford in a cheap blender.

The blender now works better than it ever did before. It used to emit a horrible whining rattle and didn’t have much go-power. Now, while it’s not silent, it whirs solidly and engages the pancake batter with a vengeance.

Blood no longer runs out of our ears…

I think the original bearings were crap quality, badly sealed, poorly mounted, and failed so fast we never knew how the mixer should behave. Grumble, etc.

Now that I know what to do, the next four repairs should go much quicker. If, indeed, the new bearings ever fail. The old ones were, IIRC, “dishwasher safe”, but I think that is a cruel hoax from the Planned Obsolescence & Early Failure Department. We’re rinsing the blade assembly by hand now.

If I thought spending more on a blender would get better bearings, I’d probably still buy cheap-after-rebate ones just for the quality shop time…

Memos to self: left-hand shaft thread, slightly shorter bottom extension, make stainless hardware.

2 thoughts on “Blender repair

  1. Hi mate, great repair:) can’t find the bearings on ebay, would you kindly point me in the right direction?

    1. Basically, I narrowed down the search by feeding in the appropriate dimensions one at a time and eventually ended up with a few choices. As with all things on eBay, though, there may be none on sale this week / month.

      I just tried [ball bearing 13mm 6mm] and wound up with these. They’re much more expensive, but that plastic seal ought to work better than the metal dust seals on the ones I bought.

      Measure your blender shaft carefully, though: those might not be the proper ones for you!

      For what it’s worth, I’m on the second set of bearings already; they seem to last about a year and then get gnarly. Easy to diagnose: they sound terrible and feel gritty.

      Good luck…

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